RESIST & EXIST as the only EXIT.

MULTIPLICIDADE is back for one more season at Centro Cultural Oi Futuro. This time we dive deeply into Utopian Spaces: where imaginary & poetic fields appear as the only path and only possible exit to exist and resist in times of struggle. During two months, (from 09/17 to 11/18) several artists whose works are somehow driven by the our main theme – Utopia – will take part in the festival.



Numen, an art collective based in Berlin presents Tape, a site specific monumental & penetrable work.


The american master of sound art Phill Niblock will perform at the opening with his piece Environments Series, an intermedia performance. Guest musician: Livio Tragtenberg (Bra - SP).


Sanannda Acácia, a Brazilian sound artist, will present the sound performance Aproximações por QuasiCrystal.


Fernando Velázquez, Uruguaian artist based in São Paulo, presents Iceberg, a VR piece that will have its main image exposed in the Grande Campo area.


Pedro Varella, an architect from a gru.a presents an installation in the patio. His process is a work in progress especially developed for Multiplicidade 2018.




+++++ Multiplicidade @Sede das Cias ++++++


November performances at Sede das Cias, Escadaria Selarón!

On Thursday, November 8, we present:

19h - Raimo Benedetti in an unpresented performance followed by a chat with Bebeto Abrantes + Book release: "Entre Passáros e Cavalos: Marey, Muybridge e o pré-cinema".

21h - Roland Bucher (CH) performs "Noise Table" for the first time in Rio de Janeiro. The presentation is a partnership between Multiplicidade and the the experimental music platform COINCIDENCIA Pro Helvetia.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/461130034409586/


+++++ Multiplicidade @ColaborAmerica ++++++


In partnership with Colaboramérica, @Fundição Progresso

On Friday November 9, we present:

>> At #Multiplicidade2018 Space

10h-19h - Phill Niblock’s "The Movement of People Working" screening.

19h-20h - Franck Vigroux & Antoine Schmitt’s "Chronostasis". This performance is presented in partnership with Institut Français and France’s General Consulate in Rio de Janeiro.

>> Tarsila do Amaral Stage

19h-20h30 - DJ Érica

20h30- 22h00 - DJ Nepal

On Saturday, November 10, we present:

>> At #Multiplicidade2018 Space

10h-19h - Phill Niblock’s The Movement of People Working.

>> Tarsila do Amaral Stage

19h-22h - DJ TataOgan

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/1970947876531409/


GRANDE CAMPO and ground floor >> Fernando Velázquez - Iceberg (URU)

PATIO >> Pedro Varella (BRA-RJ)

GALLERY Level I >> NUMEN – Tape (AUS/ CRO)

Theater - September 17th

>> 19h30 opening act: Aproximação por Quasicrystal - Sanannda Acácia (BRA-RJ) | 45 min

>> 20h30 main act: Environments Series - Phill Niblock (EUA) special guest Livi Tragtenberg | 102 min




On september 18, 19, 26 e 27 talks and workshops will take place at Lab Oi Futuro (Rua Dois de Dezembro, 107 – Flamengo) with artists Sven Jonke, Phill Niblock, Fernando Velázquez, Sanannda Acácia and Pedro Varella.



- 11h-13h Lecture – Fernando Velázquez the processes of the work Iceberg Iceberg // Espaço F5.
Sign up: http://bit.ly/Lab_Velazquez


- 14h-16h Lecture on Numen / For Use with Sven Jonke// Espaço F5.
Sign up: http://bit.ly/Lab_Sven


- 16h30-19h Phill Niblock talks about Brazil 83 e Brazil 84 // Espaço F5.
Sign up: http://bit.ly/Lab_Phill_01



- 16h30-19h Meeting nº2: Phill Niblock talks about 6 films e os anos 60 e 70 & the NY years // Espaço F5.
Sign up: http://bit.ly/Lab_Phill_02



- 16h-18h - Workshop with Sanannda Acácia: creative processes with no-input mixer // Sala Acústica. Sign up: http://bit.ly/Lab_Sanannda


Wednesday, 09.27

- 16h-17h30 - Lecture: About "Ações no pátio", with Pedro Varella // Espaço F5.
Inscrições: http://bit.ly/Lab_Pedro


October is Children's month and MULTIPLICIDADE and OI FUTURO have prepared several activities dedicated to the little ones! In times of struggle, a little affection makes all the difference! Check out our event on Facebook [ goo.gl/SFSs82 ] and spread the word!

10/ 12 | 15h: Upcycling Workshop

10/ 20 | 15h: Mural Collage Workshop

10/ 27 | 15h: Percussion workshop and sound activation on TAPE installation

Come and bring the children!

Festival Multiplicidade 2018


September 17th 2018
From 19h to 23h, monday
Price: Free
Rating: General Audience (All ages admitted)


From September 17th to November 18th.
Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm.
Rua Dois de Dezembro, 63 - Flamengo.


From September 17th to October 18th.
Tuesday to Sunday from 10am to 8pm.
Beco do Pinheiro, 10 - Flamengo.